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Hi! I'm the
Lady of Victory®

I'm a cartoon character who is building my character, one life experience and scripture at a time. Usually you see me with my nose in the WORD of God, the Bible, because you're peeking into my prayer closet or into my thoughts as I work through situations. Topics you may be working through yourself. You won't see more of me until I am dressed in Ephesians 6, the full armor of God.
There is so much to share with you. I always say, I love to hear a good testimony; I just don't like walking through one. That's what Lady of Victory ® cartoon strips are all about. Walking through life's situations with the Word of God and coming out with the Victory.
Little Wisdoms ® cartoon strips are a snapshot of one thought and a scripture related to that thought.
Stepping Through God's WORD™ are more than one cartoon frame per topic. Watch for animations.
From the VINE Devotions™ are cartoon strips with a devotion added.
Little Prayers that go a long way™ are . . . well, . . . little prayers that go a long way.
You can even Shop Victoriously™.
Visit often, I'm a work in progress . . . and remember:
You can be victorious too, with a little wisdom and the Word of God™.

Note: This site is a W.I.P. Work in Progress, but you are welcome to visit and watch as it continues to develop.
Pages may not be completed yet, or if links are broken, try links from this home page.
After all: Half the fun of the journey, is getting there.



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